Dr. Chalcraft regularly volunteers her time on behalf of a wide variety of animals including:

  • Feral and stray cats -- she has trapped, neutered, socialized, and adopted out those who can be placed in homes or has released the feral adults (and continues to feed) so they can live out their lives without reproducing. Almost 400 cats have been helped by Dr. Chalcraft in the last decade. She advocates for legislation that makes trap-neuter-return (TNR) the humane and sanctioned way to manage feral cat populations at various municipal levels.

  • Elephants and big cats – she spearheads campaigns to end circuses with wild animals. Circuses use deprivation and punishment to force animals to perform unnatural behavior, leading to the development of psychosis. She advocates retirement to sanctuaries for elephants and big cats currently living in circuses.

  • Great apes – she researches, writes, and presents on communication in great apes that reflects the evolutionary developments of language. She advocates for orangutans who are rapidly disappearing as a result of the palm oil industry.

  • Farmed animals – she advocates on behalf of animals raised for meat in factory farms. She currently is working to prevent the construction of a pig factory farm in Illinois.

  • Mink, fox, lynx, beaver, and raccoons – she advocates on behalf of animals raised for fur in factory farms and trapped in the wild.

If you would like to help, please contact Dr. Chalcraft directly. Call Dr. Chalcraft 312-391-5537 or email

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