Dog walker training sessions

Are you a dog walker who faces daily challenges with your clients’ dogs?  Here’s an opportunity to empower yourself and become a “walker-plus!”

Increase your daily fee with your new skill set for dogs that need a little help to make walks more successful.

Dr. Chalcraft works to teach dog-walkers reward-based techniques for dogs reactive on leash. Triggers may include:

  • Other dogs
  • People walking or running
  • Strollers or wheeled luggage
  • Cars, Trucks, Horses

Fees may be negotiated for either one or two attendees per session. Discounts are given for follow-up meetings with same walker (with same or different dog).

Dog Behavior Seminars

Shelters, veterinary staff, and rescue groups may be interested in Dr. Chalcraft’s seminars on dog behavior issues including:  

  • Positive approaches to behavior modification (applied to a variety of issues)
  • Fear and aggression

Fees may be negotiated for either individual attendees or group rates.

In-home Dog Behavior Consultations

Contact Sally Bushwaller, CPDT-KSA, CNWI at 773-877-6390 or sally@bushwaller.com